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Hey DGC! I absolutely love the podcast, I’ve been listening since July when cannabis became legal to grow here in Virginia. I am a first time grower, most of my info on how to grow has been from the DGC. My question is I used the scrog net technique and had an even canopy in veg. Basically within a week of switching to flower all hell broke loose. My plant has stalks of all different sizes and now into my 4th week of flower I have a back row of stalks that are twice the size of other ones. Is this normal? I’m growing gorilla glue #4 in a 4×4 with a spider farm sf 4000 led light. Should I defoliate some leaves this far into flower so the smaller areas receive more light or should I leave the fan leaves so the plant receives proper nutes and isn’t stressed out. Any advice on my first grow would be super helpful.