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Good day, how’s it going eh?

Started some Humboldt seeds, fem photo OG Kush, under 3 NEW HLG 100v2 4000k ‘s.. (thanks to all who helped with opinions and input back in December when my LED research started.. everything in the garden is now LED ..3x HLG100V2 4K;  1x HLG550V2 & 1x  HLG260QBV2)

I found a surprise when checking them the other day. A second seed/plant was popping next to the seed I planted. I double checked seeds left in the pack and went back and checked past grow logs to be sure of past seeds potted and confirmed I only planted one seed in this pot.

I’ve never had this happen or even heard about it in the past. A little research tells me it does happen. It sure blew my mind and questioned my attention to detail thinking I had messed up during planting.

Can the Guru throw some science on this? I thought there were two “types” of twinning but my limited research shows a third type, semi identical, having been discovered in Australia.

I plucked the new comer, some have reported letting it grow out but had limited results.

Educated us please, we’re hungry for knowledge.

Keep it growing and having fun DGC.

Hammer D