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What’s up DGC!! I need a little help identifying what this color change in my leaves may be. So this is my first time reusing soil. I took some of my used organic soil from my cut males, broke it up, left most of the root mass, added half fresh soil and some light doses of azomite, rose and flower, and oyster shell. I let the mix sit for about a month keeping it moist and turning every once in a while. Then I up potted from a 1 to a 3 gal and used this soil for the transplant. So I noticed this discoloration afterwards and has lasted for several weeks. It’s only on a couple branches and select leaves on those. Otherwise looks healthy and growing fine. I’m leaning towards my soil being a little hot but I wanted to check with y’all before I flip it to flower. I’d hate for it to become a bigger issue then. Thanks a lot