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What’s up gentlemen my name is Alex and I just started out this year. I really love your guys channel and you have all helped me learn so much along the way. Im looking forward to listening to and watching more content as you release it.

As for the unknown dank nugs lol I only have one plant in a 2×3 closet. It is under a 1500 watt Bestva DC series LED light. The wind flow and air ventilation is good along with the humidity and temperature so the plant has been loving life. it hasn’t been the most comfortable year seeing how I was learning how to do everything as I was doing it but the plant has been really blowing up. It is very very frosty and it’s aroma is very vivid.

I really just wanted to show you what you have helped me accomplish and talk a little about how appreciative I am for that. I’m pretty sure the strain that I’m growing is a sativa dominant because the trichome development has been going quite slow. I just started week 10 and I also started flushing so hopefully I’ll be harvesting within the next week or two.

Again thank you so much for everything and I’m really looking forward to watching the content that you release in the future. 😁 (P.s. sorry for the terrible picture quality. I’ll try to get better pics up soon along with a update)