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Hey dudes out there here were just posted an update the animal cookies are doing wonderful since I transplanted into Coco and up the nutrient feeding to double my initial feeding now I’m on track with everything everything’s looking nice luscious green and no burning on the old growth I posted a pic of one of the animal cookies in which I am training to be a very big bushy mother got to love the bush but yeah other than her I have D Autos which are not one beer two weeks from Harvest and they’re already packing on but I digress the overhead photo of the six colas are on a single plant strain is LSD 25 by fast buds it had some problems in the beginning like everyone said it was going to being that I was giving it nutrients that were more meant for soil than Coco I just up the nutrient feed again equal out the pH now I no longer having a pH swing so now the plants are picking up the nutrients adequately and well honestly over adequately but they are looking like they’re doing wonderful under the Viper Spectra 450 and a Mars Hydro I do believe 800 not sure if it’s Mars or Viper it was a friend that bought them for me but it doesn’t say viparspectra on it so pretty sure it’s not viparspectra and then I put myself a little UV light facing the undergrowth to give me nice trichome production and it is absolutely working which is the photo of the gangster leaning lsd-25 right next to the overhead one and then the photo of the two next to the fuse box is I do believe Blackberry Auto by fast buds as well loving the smells wish I could smell them at the moment kind of sick head congestion yuck wish I could show you guys the animal cookies in the 10th but it’s night time for them they’re in a 12/12 cycle will technically it’s a 10 14 cycle because I don’t have a spectrum that can match the sun going down so I flip a little bit earlier to guarantee 2 hours don’t get wasted other than that added Cal mag to give the plants a nice little boost and I’ll get back to you guys with pics of the animal cookies tomorrow or the next day during their light cycle.