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First time poster, but have been listening for a while.
I love your grow talks and listen to all of them (mostly on the road), keep it up!

This is my 2nd grow – first indoor. Or to be exact – the first grow that’s both in AND outdoor.
I have one grow room – my shed, which can get pretty hot during a sunny day – so I try to utilize the outdoor as much as I can. whether its moving one plant outdoor, or just opening the door to let sunlight in. I *am* in prohibitionland, so i try to keep the bigger plants inside, and only the more stealthy ones are lucky enough to receive the precious full-spectrum of our sun.
I’m growing under a 250w HID. This was enough for vegetation – but nearly enough for flowering, as my two plants got a little bigger than expected.
Growing using synthetics, Atami Rootbastic (for seedling and transplanting), Mycorrhiza, Molasses.
Growing in soil (mixed with some perlite), in 15Liter (that’s 4 gallons) fabric pots.

This little girl started out as the smallest of 3 plants – one of which was a male. The third plant is also an unknown strain – probably a more sativa dominant strain, seeing its huge growth.
Anyway, this plant was the least promising for me, but turned out way above my expectations. It has a very intense smell, and is frosty as fuck.
At day 67 of flower, I’ve decided to do a staged harvest (first time), as I’ve noticed the upper buds are ready to be harvested and the lower ones have a little more to go.
Initial harvest was 30g dry. I didn’t wet-trim because its very dry here, and I want a slow dry.
About the lower part – I was not disappointed! Massive growth on the lower buds! Tons of new white hairs and denser-by-the-day nugs (a little bit of foxtailing involved – but the growth cannot be overlooked. I would still give a few more days for the lower ones to ripen (now I’m at day 73). Since I’m flushing for more than two weeks now, ALL the fan leaves seem deficient, but the buds and sugar leaves seem green and fresh. I did give it a light feeding and foliar-feed once through the flush – although I AM concerned about the taste (I mean, that’s why we flush in the first place).

Attached images of: few days after first harvest (the one taken with flash of the entire plant)

a lower foxtailing nug (also pic with flash)
The entire plant before harvest (pics without flash)


Update: day 75 – did the second harvest (out of 3, so it seems) – which was 82 g wet.