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What up DGC Just an update on the new 5×5 grow From out here in the UK. Here we have the 5 rhino ryder autos by fast buds and 1 free dark devil Auto by sweet seeds. All in week 5 day 36 from seed day 1 of flower previously ran under t5s now switched to hps for the remainder through veg i ran the room at 28°c with 80% humidity dropping to 60/55% rh through veg. Now in the bloom phase i will drop from 28°c to 25°c and go from 60/55% rh to 45/40% rh as we go along. All grown in biobizz soil and just finishing off the very last of my AN HOBBIEST LINE  nutes before i go onto a new line.  All i have done to this lot really is just a little lst by pinning each branch down as we grow and stretched. These girls stretched a bit more than the last run but its alright with me this tent is .2 m taller than my last 1 so maybe i’m just adjusting to that. All of the space between each internode look even enough so its not like there were spikes of growth between each node. To me they are still looking very healthy still so im still happy. Hope all are safe and well keep you all posted and updated as we grow along. Hopefuly all think im doing good  with the grow appreciate any comments stay lifted everyone. 💚🤘😙💨