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Hello Dude, Scotty, Guru & Global DGC!

Living in prohibition land, so have been watching discretely for a year or more but have been very hesitant to post anything or ask questions. Hope to become a patron soon. Still a bit apprehensive but getting over it slowly. Love the chemistry you all have together! Thanks for doing what you do!

I have an HLG300 v1 3000k. Works great for small 3x3x7 flowering area. Only need enough personal/medicinal for myself, & wife.

Flowering in 3 gal nursery pots (separate veg area) with my own ammended soil mix, AC Infinity 6 inch with carbon filter & passive intake. Water with plain water or AACT every 3-4 days. 82 degrees lights on (could raise or lower a few degrees no problem), 68 lights off year round – house has central AC. Rotating 2 plants/mo (2 out, 2 in, 4 in flower at all times).

With all the hype about Emerson effect, etc, I’m wondering if it would be worth upgrading/swapping out v1 boards to rspec boards or possibly adding supplemental lights with far/deep reds & maybe blue.

HLG QB 18’s look VERY interesting as add ons, but would one be enough? Two? Leaning toward this option if would be worth it.

What would I gain…Would there actually be a noticeable difference? Seems to work pretty well as is, but always looking to improve. More interested in improving quality than quantity, but more yield never hurts!

I’m kind of thinking that upping pot size to 5 gal (overkill for 3×3?), or getting 3 to 5 gal radicle bags might be my best & most economical option(s) to upgrade the grow, if it even needs anything.

Sometimes it’s better to leave well enough alone. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Been working so far. Your thoughts, gentlemen?