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What’s up fellas thanks for the shows,

been watching and learning since lockdown started and I wanted to be more self sufficient, enjoy a new hobby and know the consistency of what I’m consuming and that it’s been done right. Also enjoying the challenge of maxing yield and bettering my methods. Upgrade LEDs from Cobb style to bar style led or quantum board led?

So My weak point right now (I think) is lights. I’m running 2 aglex “3000w” Cobb led (635w from the wall max for each) they have a hot spot in the middle of the light footprint (I didn’t know much when I got them from the Zon.)  Their inefficient and have worse spectrum vs the bar style led or quantum board led’s available. Also better light distribution with bar/quantum. So which type/model would you go for in a 5×5? Any with the driver ran outside the tent?  Have a cloudline 6” fan. temps 78-81f rh 45-55%. drops to low 70s at night rh 57-58% max. 3gal fabric pots coco remo nutes. 6.4-6.5 pH.