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Hey DGC. I am currently at the end of week 5 flower and my plants are doing awesome.  I’ve tried a few different types of growing methods and have now settled on organic living soil as my preferred grow style.  I added a Blumat a while back as I work away in camp and it made thing easier for my wife to take care of the garden while I’m gone.  Plants are in 7 gallon fabric pots with Stepwell supersoil, fed with Gaia Green and Bokashi Pro Gro.  Every other week when I’m home I give the ladies a compost tea.  Last night I was super stoned, big surprise, and started thinking how much should I give each plant when the soil is already moist?  I gave them about 500 ml (1/2 pint for US listeners) with a watering can so I don’t clog my Blumat. Should I be giving them more than 500ml?  Any suggested ppm for the teas?  Just trying to figure out the best method to get enough microbes and sugars in to the mix without over saturating the soil.  Stay lifted!