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Hey DGC!

I was listening to a recent episode where using sulfurs or oils was discussed and how damaging they can be if used within too close of a timeframe. While this is 120 percent true there is a hack to get around this. I honestly didn’t believe it and was pretty nervous to test it out. I have been using this method for over two years at my commercial facility and have great results with it. Aphids, thrips, spider mites, AND russet mites have been fought off with this combo. OK here it is….dawn mothaf*ckin dish soap. At 2.5 ml a gallon this will wash away and residue from the sulfur or oils and leave you ready to apply either or. You have to use it every time going from oil to sulfur, or sulfur to oil. I have done a three day spray in a row that consisted of Oil on day one, soap on day two, and sulfur on day three. I have never seen burning. Make sure you soak your plants really well with the soap before applying the oil or sulfur. The sulfur I use is silver bullet wettable powder and i use it at 2 grams/gal. This gives you a leg up on the pests as you keep them on their toes since it’s harder for them to build up a resistance. This is especially useful when using pyganic in the grow. I’ll use this as my IPM scheme from early veg until the beginning of week 3 flower, I find that the pistils get fried from the soap if you spray it any later.

-Hope this helps with all your pests!