Hey Crew,

I’ve been trying to research using ozone and can’t find much listed in layman’s terms so hoping you can help. I’ve started looking into it for cleaning instead of using bleach. Plus using it to treat the dehumidifier water for reuse. I’ve always hated the waste from the dehumidifier so reuse will make the waste from using RO water a bit more bearable. Also came across some random comments about using it for pest control.

I haven’t been able to find anything about how many mg of ozone to add per gallon for any of this. For cleaning and water treatment, I don’t see adding to much as a problem, by why run it way longer than you may need to. If it is a viable option for pest control, I can see dosage measurement possibly being important.

If this is a possible pest control option, and there are soil born pests, what could happen to the roots of the plants from the ozone water? I understand it’ll kill the microbe life, so a heavy dose of Reee-Chaaarge would be needed at the next watering.

Thanks ya’ll.