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Sup dude, Scotty and guru! Been listening since 2016 when I did my first grow and you guys have never done me wrong! Living over in prohibition land… I’m about to start a perpetual grow with 3 4×4 tents (veg, flower and drying). I want to know how to best utilize my space whilst keeping my plant count as low as possible. I will be growing in a coco, worm casting and perlite mix with led quantum boards from spider farmer. I have some seeds from ethos genetics (purple sunset fem, Mandarin cookies fem and banana daddy auto. At the moment my plan is to have a photoperiod seedling/clone and 2 autos in my veg tent to fill the space. Each time I harvest 1 plant from the flower tent I will replace it with the photoperiod plant in my veg Tent and plant another seed for the veg Tent. This means I’ll never have more than 4 plants and will be something harvesting very frequently. The only problem with this is requiring different humidity’s for the blooming autoflower and a vegetating photoperiod, also the height difference between the seedling in the early stages and the autoflowers will be a problem. I just can’t think of another way I can start a perpetual grow with this set up without wasting loads of space and light in my veg tent. Thanks for all you’re doing and keep fighting the good fight!