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I bought an Optic LED Slim 100 Bloom Booster light bar a while back so there’s no need to debate whether it’s a worthwhile investment. At least to me it’s not necessary. If you feel others would benefit, have at it. My other light is a Budget LED (now Elevated Lighting Company) 250w. My impetuous nature, some good herb  and a desire to improve my grow already convinced me. I’ve run mine during the entire light cycle since I installed it. I heard someone else stating that they only run theirs the last hour or two of “lights on” while asking their grow question. Am I over-doing it? Am I hurting my plants. Am I just wasting energy? Am I accidentally the smartest guy in the room?

I don’t know if you’ll remember me. I asked recently about buying seed overseas vs. America. I also questioned my ability to grow the dank. You guys advised me to throw out the seeds I had just sprouted in favor of the Ethos Genetics I had coming. I couldn’t throw them out so I put all 4 plants in one EarthBox filled with BuildASoil 3.0 and flowered them immediately. I just started drying them. 1 plant is a dud. The other 3 are frosty bitches that stink in a good way. my next crop is an Ethos White Wedding in an EarthBox, an Orange Kush Cake and a Mandarin Jack each in a Real Bucket. They have been in flower for a month and look very promising. Thanks for helping me step up my game.