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Hey DGC, I’ve heard UV mentioned several times on recent shows. You’ve either talked about using UV in intervals or on for the last few weeks of flower.

I purchased a LED light a couple of years ago on Alibaba.com from Driverkerr (yes I know your thoughts on these lights 😄) the light has been working very well and there customer service has been excellent. The light I went for was a true 900w 12 bar light system with UV and inferred for a wider spectrum range.

So my question is what would be the pros and cons of UV being on the for the entirety of flowering.

I’ve noticed an increase in trichome production and most of the strains I’ve grown have had an extra layer of frost. I’ve not noticed any negatives since using the light but would be interested in what you guys think. I’ll add some photos of the light information below. Thanks DGC, stay higher my friends.