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What’s up everyone,

I’ve been asking a lot of questions lately so bear with me. I’ve been messing with the idea with running hlg’s supplement uva light with my 650r but there’s so much mixed information about how to use it. I’ll start by saying I run a perpetual grow and from the scenarios I’ve researched I may not be able to use this light. Some people say start at a certain week and increase, some people say run it for only so long per day then others say they run it the whole 12 hours the lights are on. While I can for sure adjust the amount of hours I run it in the day I can’t just start using it at a certain week because I have ladies in all stages. Ideally I would like to just leave it on all 12 hours but I’m also not trying to kill my plants. So, what’s everyone’s opinion on how to run this light or is it even worth it in the long run?



PS. I’ve also read it can decrease yields can anyone attest to that? While the terps and trichs it can add are great im also not trying to yield an oz per plant lol.