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High Dude, Scotty, & Guru.  I’m a longtime viewer of the show, from here in Brantford Ontario Canada. The hometown of ” The Great One”  #99 Wayne Gretzky ( former NHL player). I’m not sure if guys ever touched on this question? Here is my scenario  I own one of those “food saver” vacuum sealer machines with a mason jar vacuum sealer attachment.   My harvest is temporarily stored in 5 gal white pails after hanging and drying with lids. this is done for about 2 or 3 weeks with daily opening the pails to burp and mix around my buds. My question is can I get more benefits by vacuum sealing the jars with my cannabis harvest?

Thanks for putting out a great show and taking the time to read my question

Keep On Growin!

Ray Marshall aka. Humble Cannabian.