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Hello DGC,

I hope all is well with everyone. I am making this post to ask about vape carts . I know they are not everyone’s favorite thing, but I live in prohibition land and they are easier to come by than flower most times. Not to mention they are very discrete. I can hit it while sitting at a bar or at a public event without anyone being the wiser.

The thing is that the vape carts on the black market are not the most reliable. I have bought some that have great flavor but no punch when it comes to potency. The vape carts I have obtained from medical dispensaries are pretty good as far as potency goes but lack in flavor. the problem is I can get a 1 gram vape on the black market for 40$ but only a 250 mg vape from the dispensary for 40$. The worst vapes are the Dank Vapes carts, some are ok but none have been great (although they have the best flavor). the best vape cart I have bought is from clearchronic (sour tangie).

My question is do you guys in a free state have the same problem with vape carts?

Thanks for the great show and community, hopefully Florida will one day be as free as you all.