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hello Scotty, Dude, and Guru wherever you are…!!!!!!!…..  i have a quick question here, and its for a ‘friend’ because i dont vape cannabis, thats for  hipsters….i only smoke doobies…. anyways, im really not much of a vaperourer but my bro just got one and i just harvested part of my grow and was just wondering if i can send him some early weed to vape or does the bud have to be dried and cured as it would be for smoking, bc i figure that drying and curing is only for smoking weed and not vaping it…  and with that thought im wondering now what fresh weed vaped would taste like?… would it taste too green? would the effect be suppressed somehow? anyways , i am going to give him some to try and i may even try myself, even though vaping sounds like something you would do while listening to some kind of underground indie rock/folk music…..  🙂