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I’m interested in going the vaping route but I don’t have any idea where to start. Can you recommend a good quality dry herb vaporizer?

I’m a big e-liquid vaper and am very knowledgeable about vaping products for e-liquid but dry herb is totally foreign to me. Does it have an odor like traditional smoke or can it be used more clandestinely? How is the flavor? If I grow some dank nugs and “vape” them will I be able to enjoy the flavor I worked so hard to cultivate; or will I still have to roll a big fatty to taste those flavors? Last question: can I get a dry herb device that will go on one of my regular mods (battery box) that I usually vape from or is a dry herb device a stand-alone device?

Something fairly compact, that’s easy to hide would b great. We want something that’ll be unobtrusive and that my wife could put in her purse.


Thanks so much guys!!