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Hey DGC,

Just wanted to share. I am about a year into being a vegan. 100+ pounds down and I’m also about a year into being a grower of the dank. With that in mind I am trying to make the switch over to growing without the presence of blood, bones, and fish, and other amendments sourced from what I feel support industries that harm animals in my soil and nutrients. I feel morally ok with worm castings and insect frass because as those worms live like kings and from my understanding those insects are not being slaughtered. The easy answer would be to do all mineral based or veganic like Kyle Kushman. I am looking to get some organics in and the veganic lines are kind of cost prohibitive. I’ve made the switch over from soil to a coco, peat and perlite mix and I will still be using a some mineral based nutrients (MegaCrop), and Sweet Candy, as well as Recharge, (of course). But I also will have a couple experiments going with my own home compost.