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What’s up guys I got some questions on soil mixing for ya. I’ve been growing organic for the past year or so and as of recently decided I want to stay away from a lot of the animal based products like bone and blood meals, guanos, ect. I picked up some down to earth vegan mix 3-2-2, their soft rock phosphate 0-3-0,  and Langbeinite 0-0-22. I plan on using these 3 products with promix HP, some worm castings and maybe a little more aeration like pumice or rice hulls. I know the rock phosphate can take a while to break down so I also plan on using some type of phosphorus leaning microbe product like rootwise biophos or tribus and of course recharge in veg. (Love You Scotty!!).
I’m going to be in 15 gallon fabric pots. My real question is if anyone has any experience using these products? How much to use per gallon? Top dress before flower? How long to let it cook or just anyone’s experience mixing or using vegan organic soil? Thanks I love you all.