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Hey DGC,

Submitting two of my current girls for your enjoyment. These are feminized seeds I made this last winter. Third coast genetics here in Michigan provided me with Charlevoix. This is one of his crosses with the classic Oreoz he has perfected. Well, I nabbed some pollen via colloidal silver and flung it on a GMO from Amsterdam (Venetian Garlic). Then again on Seeds man’s OG Bubba Kush that I monster cropped first (Venetian Zombie Kush). They are just into week six and I fear I need more light to penetrate the trichome development. Lol, just playing! Promix, Aurora Lush, Worm Castings=1/1/1 And Monsanto’s own botanicare pure blend organics. Also, Recharge is a given now right?! I use it everywhere I can.