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Good morning crew🤙🏻🤙🏻

So I’m in my third year indoor and still playing with things to get them dialed in. I’ve been running LED in the summer, LRG scorpion in 5×5 and a SK 400 in 4×4. I’ve only been able to get the lights up by 25% or so without any issues. But I think I figured out why. My set up is in a well insulated outer building. I finally dropped a little money on a O2 monitor and seems no matter what I do I’m only getting about 275 PPM average inside tents.

Tents are set up mixing air in and out of both tents to and from lung room all the time with 6” AC infinity booster fans. Also  6” AC infinity’s set up to exhaust high heat and high humidity out of both tents as well. Also have a filtered 6” fan brining in in fresh air set on a timer that turns on about 30 minutes before lights on to try and help load up the lung room. I have it set to turn on every couple hours for a while trying to get my 02 up to at least ambient number but still not getting it.

We have been having a lot of rain over the past few weeks and my exhaust had been dumping to get rid of high humidity. Yes I need a de humidifier, next upgrade lol. But the past week the ambient humidity has settled and still low o2. Tents not exhausting out and still low 02. I was thinking with the exhaust dumping so much was the reason for the low o2.

So yes I’m stumped. I could get 02 and run sealed but again on a budget and I already can’t smoke my hard earned product lol don’t ask. I always make it to harvest and am happy with the smell and quality just trying to optimize.

Any and all suggestions welcome! Attached are a few pics of current ladies. Some Freeborn Lime1bx, and a LimeOrilla from ol Rust🤙🏻🤙🏻