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Hello DGC,

This is just my third grow so far with Herbie’s seeds. I’m no expert, but there’s never been a wider knowledge base than on the internet now. I grow synganically with Fox farm trio with additives such as silica, gypsum, insect frass, cal-mag, impello, and most importantly Recharge. I am currently in Mother’s Earth coco perlite mix with fabric grow bags, so no over watering. I am in a 18″x36″x60″ AC Infinity tent with their 4″ fan and filter, for the lighting/heat I have two sf 1000. I also have a humidifier and dehumidifier that I can set a target rh. Anyway to my issue, I was growing some Bruce Banner #3 Orginal Sensible Seeds for seedlings, I kept a grow journal on Jane and had no issues. Once I got out of the final stretch in flower I noticed a calcium deficiency. So for the rest of the grow I had to feed cal-mag to fight off the deficiency getting up to 17ml per gal, feeding 2 times a week. The flower was dank my best yet, due to bad drying the previous grows. I noticed something in my bud when I ground it up, small seeds, but how?! I was always very vigilant in my grow and never noticed any herms! I might just be young and dumb, lol, but I just can’t see making a huge mistake like missing herms. I even had one of these micro seeds sprout, so I know they’re somewhat viable. I’ve included pictures of the seeds from my loop and next to a quarter. I harvested these girls on day 55 of flower, they were 102 day old. I got 112g of the left feno and 107g of the right, so they were somewhat happy with their environment. Please help me figure this out, are these just premature seedlings and I’m higher than I thought?