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Hey DGC! First photo run was going great until I hit a heat wave a week ago. My LED inverters are generating too much heat and the fans just bring in hot air. My temps were 89 but with the heat wave it went to 94. Then I began dialing down the light to offset. Now temps are below 80. VPD is no longer in the 3-4 range. But I’m seeing pad levels at my tops of 250. I am in the ripening stage of flower. Between flush and late flower feedings.
My question is what should I looks out for if my plants are receiving too little light at this stage, and what is the drawback of finishing flower with low light intensity. Do I need to have 500 ppfd at minimum? I trust my Pulse Pro but my old school ppfd monitor, that’s also a ph meter, and wetness meter shows over 500 at the tops. I know that I need to provide a whole lot more info probably but I’m most interested in not killing these suckers with too much heat or low light. Or else y’all are getting hay from me at the DGC cup.