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Hey there to everyone in the DGC. I’ve been debating switching to organics though I’m worried it will hurt my yield, but synthetics are expensive. Though some people hate them I run AN sensi grow and bloom pH perfect with the full AN line and the bud factor x is about $200 a litre. Though it’s expensive I never have to pH and my flower comes out amazing every time. Last round I did 6 autos lowest yielding was 131.2g highest was 173.7g  when they went into the Grove bags. I can usually get 2 lbs out of my 5×5. My next round I’m gonna run 15 photo  in 2 or 3 gallon pots. And I’m looking to get some input from the organic farmers here at the DGC  on what medium, amendments, liquid organics, teas I should use for maximum quality and weight. Budget is not a factor when it seems everything is cheaper than AN at this point.