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Hello hello happy new year! My New Year’s wish is to not cross contaminate. In the past I had used a piece of foam or just a towel in a cat litter box. However I am liking is much better. I feel like I am really getting the tread in my shoes washed out with the agitation of the rolling PVC. I just cut a bunch of PVC up and put it in a cat litter box, Of course this is a used one I found for free somewhere. You could do this with any free container big enough for your gun boats. Hi Phil it to halfway on the PVC. I just get a little roll going, and it washes like a washing machine. I just use some dish soap and bleach. I feel like it has the most long-term staying power. Since I’m only expanding my greenhouse garden, I get no time off this year from extra bugs. I try to explain to lazy people that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.   Cleanliness is next to godliness… So if you want to be a  Weed God…..Well you know what you Gotta do