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What is up, DGC!?

To everyone involved with The Dude Grows Show, thank you for the content, your dedication, and all the giveaways. Damn, someone is about to get hooked up with a 550. That’s bitchin’!

So, I’ve got a bone to pick with you and most of the internet for warning about water droplets burning leaves. I don’t buy it and I’ll tell you why…it simply hasn’t happened to any of my plants. If it was true, the plant pictured would be a hot mess.

Ok ok, I’m not using intense light in this stage, but for my first grow I vegged my plants outside; I live at 6300ft elevation and the sun is intense as all hell. It is also drier than shit, so I would spray water on the leaves daily with noob thoughts that it would help, but never the slightest bit of magnifying effect.

In this study, the writer suggests leaves that have hairs and are not smooth are more likely to burn because the hairs can elevate a water drop, but it is still unlikely due to evaporation. All I see on my cannabis leaves are trichomes and maybe some hairs on the serrated edges as you can see if you zoom into the 3rd pic.

Has anyone actually experienced a water burn drop? Is there any correlation with water drop burn believers and flat earthers? I keep thinking, when people warn of this phenomenon, they’re just repeating what they’ve heard without questioning it.

I call BS! What say you, DGC?

PS: New Macro lense, can’t wait for some bud shots🤘🏼