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Hey Dude and the crew,

I have a strange problem I can’t figure out and was hoping you could help with. Can cannabis plants perspire water out of the top leaves? I have been finding some drops of water on top of my plants in my inside grow tent(2×4).  There’s no plumbing above my tent. The only thing hanging above my plants are a carbon filter, a LED light and a ceramic metal halide light. I only water the bottom of my plants. The drops of liquid have no smell, feel the same as water, not oily and not sticky. I’ve been thinking of tasting it but I haven’t brought myself to do so yet. The only thing I can figure is that maybe I’m getting some condensation at night and then it’s dripping onto the plants but I can find no water or drips anywhere in the tent around the lights. My temperatures are running low around 69°F with a humidity of around 50-55%. Any help would be great. I love listening to your show when in my grow. Keep up the great work.

Si The Stoner Guy