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Hello Dude Grows Collective,

I have a water softener on my house. I recently read that the salt is real bad for watering plants. I do not know how the water softener works. I thought that the pellets inside of the main canaster did something to the water, and the salt conditioned the pellets. I don’t know if that would make the water salty or not. It doesn’t taste like it has salt in it. Should I just buy culligan water cooler bottles to water plants or what. It looks like the plants are suffering a deficiency so I have been giving extra cal mag and they are looking better( not great but better). I also have the worlds shittiest ph pen so I have been using strips and a color scale to pH the water to 6.

My goal for this grow was to generate some seeds, but it looks like I have 3 female plants, so now I just want to get some bud off them before I try again.

Happy nondenominational celebrations to all!