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Hey guys! I am having a problem with the water temperature in my RDWC. This is my first indoor hydro grow and I’m doing my best to not drop hundreds of dollars on a water chiller. I have some killer feminized Gelato seeds from cropkings and don’t want them to go to waste. The only grower hack that works for me with a ton of work involved is frozen water bottles throughout the day. I’m currently sitting here next to a window AC unit disassembled working on a homemade chiller. Don’t worry, I’m an HVAC technician lol. The set up is a 3×3 MarsHydro tent with the T1000 LED and startup ventilation kit etc. I appreciate everything you guys do, I listen all day to previous podcasts while I’m working to get through these crazy times and it works. Thanks again in advance for any advice. Much Love DGC, stay lifted.