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Alright guys,

I’m probably overthinking this but I went by my local city hall this week to find out what the water treatment plant is using to treat our local water. Here is the list.

1 – Chlorine – Disinfectant
2 – Aluminum Chloride Hydroxide Sulfate – Coagulant
3 – Copper Sulfate – Algaecide

Chlorine, we all know this one, either filter it out or let it sit out over night and it will off gas. These other two, I’m not sure if they are quite that easy and whether or not they will affect the growth of our favorite plant or the beneficials that we like to farm to make our plants the best they can be. Aluminum Chloride Hydroxide Sulfate appears to be used to clarify the water by stripping off the charges of certain particles which causes solids to clump up and make them easier to filter out but does it harm beneficial soil organisms? This last one, Copper Sulfate seems to be one to worry about because it is an algaecide as well as a fungicide and we all want that mycology stuff to be strong in our soils.

Here’s the thing, I’ve been told by multiple plumbers around my area that RO systems do not do well in our area because of the hardness of our water and I’m not sure how else you could strip all of this chemistry out of our water (regular higher end filters perhaps?) or if it’s even a necessity. Do we have any chemists hanging around here that care to chime in?

I wish I had a well.  Pic is some GG4 from last run and it has absolutely nothing to do with my question.


Pa Kilter