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What’s going on DGC! I’ve been chasing my tale with this one for years now. Let me start by giving more background on my grow experience. Since late 1997, I have been involved with growing. As I got older, I was doing more in others cannabis grows to help out. I have been around every type of medium aside from super soils. A little over 2 years ago was when I wanted to start my own grow. Armed with genetics from these different breeders and one nice enough to let me start working on my GG4 with them before the wife loss her battle with cancer.

My question is about watering and runoff. I’m afraid with my anxiety, details are the majority of my questions. Here we go. When watering with nutes like Foxfarm liquid trio soil nutrients, am I watering without any runoff? When I water without nutes, am I looking for 10-20% runoff? With that, am I wetting the whole soil or just around the plant? How am I getting runoff without wetting the whole medium? The way I feed now, with nutes I sometimes get a little runoff. About 2-4%. Without nutes, I go for 10-15% runoff but it always soaks the whole medium causing longer dry times in between feedings. Depending on how much water used to get runoff, some wait times are a month! Environment is good, fans gently circulating the air occasionally dancing with the plants (moving their foliage). My temp ranges from root zones to top canopy are 70°f, 72-73°f in foliage and 73-75°f on top canopy going towards the light. My humidity levels in veg are 70%-74% highs and 57%-60% lows. Flower room has 68-70% highs and 52-58% lows. Portable LG AC in flower room but split to veg as well. Exhaust in flower room but also vented in veg room with makeup air vents in rooms as well. Danks to the community for all the help!