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What’s going on guys. Have another question i couldn’t seem to find the answer to online. Or at least a definite answer. I’m using 3 gal Radicle Bags for first time as well as a 75/25 coco/perlite mix. They are just over 14 day mark and started feeding base nutrients of 4-2-4 with cal mag and B vitamins. I am noticing that with these bags i am watering every 5 days so far. The coco dries on top in about a day, ill use my hands to mix the top layer and underneath its still moist so I skimp on watering that day. My question is should I be watering every 5 days still? I worry about the nutes just sitting in the root zone and causing issues? I have used 2 gals fabric pots in the past and i was watering every other day in Veg to about 10% runoff. I felt that was flushing the unused nutes out and providing more fresh nutes. Maybe I’m wrong?!..but should I water them to get some runoff or is this normal in a bigger pot and no need to worry about the synthetics I used?