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Hey DGC,

Just joined the community last month and I can’t say enough positive things. I’ve recently starting using super soil I created myself and will only be using dry amendments every 30 days or so. I just germinated 3 seeds 8 days ago and I’m wondering 2 things. Since I’ve been struggling with fungus gnats for the past 2 months,  they have lessened over three past few weeks due to introducing beneficial nematodes in my other grow tent.

I thought I would try watering from the bottom with the new grow. Everything I read online had very mixed reviews but mostly because of salt buildup from bottled nutes which I do not need to worry about. Also I have read it can assist in building a strong roots system as the roots need to seek out the water. Also, if I do go that route, how soon can I start and stop watering from the top?

Thanks DGC for any insight you can provide.