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Hey DGC,

Love the show, buddy turned me onto the podcast that was growing, decided to get out of doing it, and sold me his California lightworks LEDs. 880 going in Flo, 220 in the bottom veg, and 2 100 led shop lights on the cuts/clones.

First round was simply bag seeds from something he grew from clones I brought him across country in my travels.

Juicy Fruit, Blueberry x Lemon Skunk, Deep Chunk… and a few 15 year old Lemon Skunk beans a buddy sprouted and started, then gave to me after a pretty bad nitro burn.

Built an entire custom room behind a fake wall in my exterior office/man cave. Its a 100 year old shed that I gutted the inside and redid the electrical/insulation and interior walls/ceiling. Youtubes took me a long way…

Completely hidden from any visible eye, it is a 10x4x8 room, split into a 6x4x8 and a 4x4x8. The larger half is the flower, the smaller the veg.  Built a shelf to split the veg in half, giving me room up top for 4-5 bonsai moms, and the clone done.

Lights ran me $700, Can Fan/Filter was free, Clone Dome free, and a bunch of pots!

So, first round ever, after watching all my buddies do this for 20 years, have a few questions that are probably simple.

Using an 18 gallon Rubbermaid Tote full of tap water (6.8-6.9 pH) have a lid on it so I have room for my 7th plant in there. 5 are in 4 gallons, and 2 are in 2 gallons.   Bought a fish tank submersible pump, 450 GPH so I figured it would be sufficient, but struggling getting it to work well.  Have a 1/2″ tube to a reducer, as my sprinkler heads come with stake on the end already and spray nicely across the pots.  With a cheap Chinese amazon pump, it pumped water great!,..but after 2 trips out of town, I had come back to find it had continued to run and burn out after I ran out of water.   Trying to find something reliable.

2nd question/comment..Love recharge, same buddy that sold me his lights and gave me his gear, turned me onto it.  I have a pint tub, and another buddy already bought a 1/2 gallon bag( not sure on size, but was big..). I make up my own soil and wanted to know if recharge can be mixed in to the soil and at what amount per 5 gallons of dirt? I let my soil sit in 18 gallon Rubbermaid for usually 2-3 weeks before using it.

Now I just need to get some good genetics and dial some things in.

60% RH, 61-72 deg temp ranges lights off/on. 880 watts in flo. Water every 3 days usually, recharge every other water, alternating with Fox Farm Bloom.  Trying to stick to all organics.  So far no bugs, mold, nada yet…

Thoughts on simple options to upgrade performance yield?   Want to stick to 4 plants in Flo, 4 in veg, and 4 moms..   state still only has medical, not quite recreational yet… just have to drive around the bottom of the lake!.

Hurry the fuck up Illinois and go legal…