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Hey guys,
I wanted to pick the collective dude-Scotty brain and talk about the most basic of basics; watering. I use my treated well water with an RV chlorine filter and dispense it directly into my 2 gallon watering container where I add nutrients and give them directly to the plants at about 1 gallon per 7 gallon pot with my perlite/coco mix.  This ratio usually leads to me watering them every 3 days. (Temp: 68-82 Humid: 42-58%)

I hear you guys talk about using reservoirs a lot but I can’t justify keeping one when it seems like the plants are happy without it (although I’m sure they could always be a little better). What are the advantages of keeping water in a holding tank before dispensing it to the plants? Keep in mind I’m using Scotty’s method of not adjusting ph and watering in recharge (the dank Scott-Tea) every time. I’m also wondering what you guys use as a ratio of plant/container size to gallons of water when using smart pots. Should I be giving them more water and watering them less often? I worry this won’t enable me to give them a consistent nutrient/pm regiment.

Thanks for the info buds!
-Ohigho Tom (DGC OT)