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Hey DGC!

I’m wondering what the best method is to bump up my light wattage as the plants move from veg to bloom. I’m currently running around 450 PPFD in veg, and will be going up to 600 PPFD in bloom. Do you suggest slowly ramping up the lights as the plant approaches flower? I heard of some running their lights at full blast through veg and bloom? I know the light is the food, but I know it can get light toxicity as well. Do you try to max out the amount of light they can handle without showing issues during the grow? How do you guys normally transition your light wattage throughout the grow?

I’m running a 5×5 tent with 2 HLG 320 XL V2 RSpec kits. I keep the lights 24” above canopy during all stages of the grow. Environment pretty dialed in with VPD around 1.2-1.4. Currently growing Mephisto Grape Walker Kush autos in week 3.