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What up DGC big fan love the show! I have been growing for a few years but still consider myself a newbie since i am constantly learning especially when i listen to the show! I popped a few dozen beans a while back and got some phenos with some weird leave structure. After a little but of google searching i found out its a mutation called ducksfoot? The overall health of the plant is good very green and growing along with all my other ladies just the leaves look very weird! All the leave tips are there but they kind of shrivel up behind each other like a ducks webbed foot. My question is should i waste my time growing them out or just snip them to make room for my other ladies? My main worry is that they will affect the health of my other plants. Are mutations contagious? Can they affect neighboring plants? I will be taking clones of all my plants except these unless i am convinced otherwise thanks again for all the help stay higher!