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Hey grow community,

My partner and I are getting married in November and we are looking to grow a nice weed for the day.

We have a few grows under our belt now and have a nice set up in place for a auto grow.

We are looking for a recommendation for a weed to grow together and smoke on the day with our friends and family. The guests will be a mixture of smokers/ non smokers who will want to try it. So nothing toooo heavy.

We would like something a bit different than our usual grow, which has included: LSD, sour diesel, gorilla glue, wedding cake, chem dawg, purple cheese.

If we had to pick we would say, I like mimosa, White widow and he likes jack herer and White widow, if that helps with the decision.

We want a fun creative weed that makes you want to be part of the event, not sink away in the corner.

Preferably less stink as we are based in the UK.

Ant recommendations would be appreciated