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Only 20 days into flip and its doing the right thing.

Grown in home made living soil, this is the third no-till grow in the soil.

Vegged 2 months to obtain good root size to support flowering. This stand of ILGM Wedding Cake has been given only straight tap water its entire life.

Soil is 40% alfalfa compost that I made from pellets I got at the feed store. Here’s the entire contents of the soil for anyone interested:

The mix was about 40% alfalfa pellet compost and 60% Promix HP, with a lot of amendments. And more have been added, namely bat guano, gypsum, two row, a lot of thorvin kelp meal but this was the initial soil build:

150lb alfalfa pellets, rehydrated with water/fish fertilizer to 300lbs ($60)

10 – 25 gallon pots ($54) AC Infinity, rated to 27gal to rim.

50lb crushed oyster shells ($15)

1/2 cubic foot wood chips ($2)

2lb rice hulls ($20)

2lb shrimp meal ($16)

5lb langbeinite ($16)

10lb 2 row brewers malted barley ($25)

5lb prilled dolomite ($20)

5lb azomite ($18)

2lb bat guano ($22)

5lb gypsum ($19)

30lb “Oil Dry” Bentonite clay – $10

5-2 humic/fulvic acid + seaweed extract ($3)

3 bales pro-mix HP (high porosity) ($125)

7 cubic foot bags Buildasoil 3.0 ($210)

($581 total)

It makes about 25 cu ft, or 6 25gal pots which are about 4 cu ft each.

Compost all the alfalfa pellets and minerals together. Google hot compost alfalfa.or do it my way and use the fabric pots to compost the pellets. Turn 4x a day and keep moist but barely moist looking, and use a moisture gauge and keep the needle in the wet zone but not pegged. It will compost itself at 140 degrees f for a couple of weeks then cool down. Then add everything else to the pots. It will heat back up for a couple of weeks. The whole thing takes a month.

7 25gal pots of Wedding Cakes, & 1 25 gal pot of pepperless ghost pepper. The scientific name is (ghostus pepperonius refusitis wtfery)