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Hi Dude, Scotty, and Guru!  Many thanks to you and the whole team for producing such great content. I started growing last year for my COVID quarantine skill.  I am on my 3ish run and having fun. I was sharing some samples with friends for feedback and a couple of them said the weed didn’t get them high.  So I have a few friends that say they get high AF on my Candy Kush and Gelato.  But this guy seemed fairly connoisseur level, for instance, he immediately said “oh this is homegrown”.  He is not someone that doesn’t get high, but just not with mine.

Growing in Coco Perlite premix I add rice hulls and then dry amendments from Down To Earth.  Fabric pots and typically 5 or 7-gallon finish pots.  Plain water daily with an auto watering system.  once a week I pause watering and good hand watering with Recharge, CaMg.  Tent is 2×4 with a Mars Hydro SP3000 (300watt LED).

Any idea on things I should look at to maximize my Highness factors?