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What’s growing on DGC!!! This is my first indoor grow, that hasn’t been on some commercial scale in almost a decade! I’m running botanicare pure blend pro, cal-mag, Silica Blast, and pure blend bloom, in 5 gallon fabric pots. Hitting them with a Recharge Party every Friday. I’m really happy with how my canopy’s looking so far. I’m not supplementing CO2. This is also my first grow under LEDs, I’m running a sunsystem 1850 which is a 720 w, 6 bar system and it’s really impressive. I’m running an AC infinity T6 for my outtake. It’s acting as a dehumidifier in certain ways also maintaining 52-55% in flower. Super excited to see some bugs start stacking and see all the work and labor begin to pay off. Really wanna hear what y’all think, and any thing you guys feel I can do different next round. I know it’s early to tell cause the buds really haven’t started forming yet. But nice to hear people perspectives on the grow. Much love to everyone in the DGC, the community is so amazingly supportive it’s so humbling! Keep it up everyone happy growing!