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Yo, what’s good team, second time grower from Australia here. Prohibition land! Thank you for all the info and entertainment it’s the best, seriously guys, thank you.

My question is, am I going to choke out my yield?

My last run was my very first ever run, it was organic in the same fabric pots only about 12L, a 20 plant pheno hunt, I really did go from 0 to a hundred for my first grow. Full of mixed messages and advice, stuff like, people telling me to make sure my pot was dry before watering, that sort of crap, long story short, the last run, they ran out of food and hermed before they could finish. Anyway with 1000 hours of YouTube under the belt now this is what I have done…

Found my grapey delicious pheno, which is growing in my little mother/clone cupboard. (That will be the next run.) These photos are the second best plants left from the previous run, on week 2 of flower.

16 plants in pure coco running the full canna line, hydro halos, big 100L reservoir, crushing it. Its on a flood n drain table, on milk crates, underneath is a small 30L tub with a float switch dumping into another reservoir.

So stoked to figure this stuff out. A big thank you to every content creator that has helped me.

So back to the question…. I have already taken out all the small thin stems after the defoliation when I flipped. I’ve been going in and defoliating little bits every day to make sure those bud sites get stimulated.

Should I get rid of more stems? This is one packed 4×4 and want to absolutely crush this run. I need to make a decision soon as the stretch is nearly done and can’t mess with it in full bloom stage.