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Hey Guru, Dude, Scotty and everyone else!!
Ok so this post is about how horrible of a job I did super cropping my babies. So I originally had absolutely no intention on super cropping but due to space and the plants going through veg longer than I intended I let them go and was forced to do the dirty deed. I heard Guru talking about him using toothless needle nose pliers. Well I just so happen to have had a set!! I truly one hundred percent was ready to admit defeat and say I killed my babies. But they pulled through and when I tell you some of these stems were thicker then my pinky finger they legit were. I grew this plant purposely short and thick but then times change and so did the plans. So I’m always hearing and seeing posts  about people asking how hard you can be. Well here ya go guys. These stems split and everything. I tried to be as gentle as possible but once you put them pliers to them stems boy. There is no going back. But look at them now. Less then 7 days later and they went from looking wilted to  like this. Once again could not have done it without the DGC and all the love!!!  Oh yea i forgot little side note

The small tent is a flower tent 5 gal (unknown) 3 gal  ( unknown) and a 1 gal white widow. Please let me know if you think I can take the rest of the fans out of this tent. Week seven for all of them from my research I’m looking anywhere from 9-11 weeks flowering time.

Larger scrog tent: alien tarantula (5 gal), sake I knows as 3 gal above (frost monsters) and a couple autos and clones. And cups germinating.