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Hey guys, so an update from my question about the well water. You guys seem to have thought that it was nute burn and that my pops just mixed nutrients wrong. That would make sense right? Maybe he even accidentally fed the super soil plants and burned them also right? Well…. I decided to check the runoff from my home grow (tap water) where I do my pheno hunts. These ladies are in the same growing medium 70/30 coco/perlite and receiving Heavy 16 nutes. These ladies have no signs whatsoever of any kind of burn and have a runoff ec of 6.0!!! All I can gather from Heavy 16 is they say it doesn’t register on the ec/ppm scale. What’s the science behind this? Also, a update on the well. I sent off a water sample, it will take about 10 days for a complete result but it came back positive for total coliform bacteria, is this my problem? I’m going to install a uv light after the ro filter to kill the bacteria, I believe this is correct? Now… it could be a false reading for the bacteria due to the fact we just did some plumbing. Ahhh confusing! The first two pics are from the 6.0 ec runoff with no issues whatsoever. The 3rd and 4th picture are from the well water plants with an even lower ec runoff from my previous question last show. Any help an ideas from anyone is greatly appreciated. Thanks.