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Hi everyone, I’m in prohibition land.   I have struggled with my babies, all my grows have the same problems. My autos  plants never grow tall. Currently ak47 and white widows. I’m running 2 mars led lights. 300 watt watch. And my 600 hps in the center off  a 8×4 space. I’m in coco perlite mix feeding cal mag iron mag, pk booster, silica. Super thrive. B52. And a an b nuts. Water every second day. Temps 70 to 80. Humidity 50. Ppm 1000. pH 5.5 to 6.5.  Lights hung high or low , same results. No complaints on quality size or looks. But lucky if I get 2 oz per plant. I don’t no my co2 or par numbers. But i would think in my home 10 autos 3 lights and mixed hps and led power, id get better numbers , keep it real, rock on. Thanks fellow smokers growers and lovers.