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So I tried to pop my alien orange congolese seeds and I cant figure out what I am doing wrong. I got them back in august or September last year so they aren’t that old. Kept them in a cool dark place. I put them in a little cup of water with a couple drops of clonex in it. I used bottled water. Left them 24 hrs then put them about a 1/2 inch deep in my coco perlite. I sat that on my heat mat keeping the soil at about 76 degrees f. None came up. I mean I know there are methods like aloe water but I didn’t think I would need anything else I never have. I tried it 2 dif times with 2 seeds the first time and 3 the next. Is there any chance I got a bad batch?

I guess what I am saying is why didn’t they sprout I wonder? I am out of known genetics now and back to bag seed. I am honestly scared to buy any with my germination rate. What should I do? Keep going with the 20 year old bag seed (I am not happy with it ) or what? I don’t wanna waste money if my seeds aren’t gonna pop.  Any strains that are affordable with a good germ rate…. Should i not use a heat mat? Is it making them rot?

Do you have better luck jut planting them instead of letting them soak. I never tried paper towels or never had luck with it anyway should I try those? I am sooooo frustrated this is the only time I have had known genetics and none of them popped. I had 2 seeds of ghost ridge og and they didn’t pop either. However I have no idea the age of them. I just hate I cant grow out the AOC seeds I got from dgc I have yet to see that strain on the site.