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Hey DGC,

This is my 2nd harvest, first with autoflowers. My first harvest was an incredible success, but my autos are rapidly deteriorating! This GSC OG Auto is about 10 weeks old. Started developing these spots around week 7. I though it was a Calcium deficiency, so I have been treating with Foxfarm Big Bloom and recently top dressing with Gypsum.

Using the same equipment from my first harvest with Photo periods: 2×2 tent, 4″ inline AC infinity, small circulation fan, dual SF-1000D with dual 32watt GE Bloom spectrum LEDs, Ocean Forest/coco/perlite mix in 3gal cloth bags, 20/4 light schedule, most of the Foxfarm line (big blo, grow big, tiger bloom, kelp me kelp you, wholly mackrel, open sesame, beastie bloomz, cha ching) according to schedule, with weekly recharge and Superthrive, RO water. I was hoping it was the one plant, but it’s starting to happen to my younger autos of a different variety as well.

Thank you for all you have created Scotty, Dude and Guru and thanks to the DGC community on advance for probably instantly answering this question! 🙂